What’s It Worth? Experience A Glimpse Into Our World’s History

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What’s It Worth - Experience A Glimpse Into Our World’s History
These past few weeks have been pretty exciting at Hess Fine Art as we’ve been getting ready for our big fall arts, sports, important silver and autograph auction.
This month we purchased three nice paintings. The one pictured is an important watercolor by Otto Eerleman that we purchased from a local art dealer. It depicts Napoleon at a rest stop in France. Our auction estimate is $7000-$9000.
Additionally we bought, from a local retiree an Arts and Crafts mid-century painting for almost $100,000 by a famous Western artist. The third painting was consigned to us by a local resident - a retiree from New York. It is an extremely important oil on canvas. He is hoping to get $30,000 but we assured him that he would be able to get between $60,000 and $100,000.
All three will be sold in the coming months and we will give a full report on these incredibly exciting paintings. Our fall auction is fast approaching for antique silver, fine artwork and rare autographs. This is a perfect time to consider consigning. We have sold over $100 million at our on line auctions, making us one of the nation’s most respected and active auctioneers.

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