Posted: 2016-07-30

We entered the fine and decorative arts business because we love history; we were collectors and researchers long before we were dealers. While we have a robust business buying and selling, at the core, we are simply historians.

When a historical piece was recently presented to us to buy, we quickly identified it as a multi-interest collectible of high desirability and made an offer far beyond its gold price, after the seller had taken it to several high-profile buyers in Tampa Bay.

Posted: 2016-07-30

By the 1960s, many gemologists thought they had seen everything – only to be surprised by the discovery in Tanzania (hence its name) of an exciting “new” gemstone.

Posted: 2016-07-30

Often, when asked to appraise an item of value, visitors in our stores or offices seem a bit befuddled and sometimes even annoyed at our resulting follow-up questions. When we ask “What kind of appraisal value?” we always explain that the conventional definitions of appraisal often differ from the official meanings of the word. Here I will share a condensed version of the various definitions and uses of the word.

Posted: 2016-07-30

What's it Worth? The Many Faces of Jade.

Jade valuation is determined by many factors — some technical, some aesthetic, some scientific and some historical. For millennia, jade was used for utilitarian purposes, like cups and buckles. Many ancient pieces of jade were repurposed in the late 19th century as jewelry. Jade can be jadeite — the finest form – or nephrite.

Posted: 2016-07-29

What's It Worth?

Even though we have a robust watchmaking department with two Rolex- and Audemars Piguet-trained watchmakers on staff, we were nonetheless surprised when Paul Stanley of Kiss called us recently to restore his Rolex President watch. When the restoration was complete, we asked permission from Mr. Stanley to boast of our accomplishment.

Posted: 2016-05-10

It was meant to be a “debate “over whether the Apple Watch would impact the Swiss watch industry, but even the futurist on a Watch Collectors’ Roundtable panel assembled at the Aaron Faber Gallery in New York confessed to being a Rolex man.

Posted: 2016-02-23
Seized Ponzi Spoils Heading to Auction

A St. Petersburg business will drop the gavel on items linked to schemer Scott Rothstein

See huge, detailed photos of all items up for auction.

Posted: 2015-12-08

Yes, Really. Many people don’t know, and some who do are appalled. But in Victorian England and the US – as well as a few select other countries – animals, bugs and insects were frequently incorporated into jewelry. Often designed with the addition of stunning gemstones, the wearing of this sort of jewelry was an ages-old tradition. In the 1950s, reproductions were made with myriad semi-precious and synthetic gemstones. Occasionally, an antiques dealer will come across small rodent heads encased in 18K gold as brooches or pins.

Posted: 2015-12-08

That depends. While marketing people say diamonds are a good investment, the truth is that unless you keep your diamond or diamond jewelry for many years, or there is something special about your item, that is not the case.

That being said, there are three exceptions to this rule.

Posted: 2015-12-08

As a longtime collector of watches, Mr. Hess takes his Hamilton collection very personally. He has written extensively in magazines and periodicals about the history of the Hamilton Watch company and is considered an expert on the subject worldwide. He is currently working on his third book about Hamilton.

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