What's It Worth? The Stunning Craftsmanship Of Jennifer Kalled

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What's It Worth? The Stunning Craftsmanship Of Jennifer Kalled

What’s It Worth? The Stunning Craftsmanship Of Jennifer Kalled

Collectibles come in many forms, and not only antiques.

Mid-century modern is a term thrown around a lot, describing the style of things made from the 1950s to the 1980s.

We recently bought from an estate sale a huge collection of art moderne by famed designer Jennifer Kalled.

Ms. Kalled started her craft in Arizona in the mid ’80s with a more southwestern or Native American style, and gradually moved to a

Klimt-like style (referring to Gustav Klimt, the famed Austrian symbolist and secessionist).

Indeed, her creations have redefined a large portion of the mid-century modern/pop culture aspect of jewelry design. Here, we feature three examples of her dramatic work that typically retails for $1,000 -$5,000 .

We have over 35 examples from this collection for sale now at our Tampa location at a fraction of their original cost. We don’t usually use this column as advertising, but thought you might like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to explore and possibly purchase some extraordinary jewelry.

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