What's It Worth? Tiffany's - Sifting The Facts From The Fiction

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What's It Worth? Tiffany's - Sifting The Facts From The Fiction
Tampa Bay Times
In the early 20th century, Tiffany’s sold a range of items. Imported glass, dishes, soaps – even firearms – plus pottery and furniture made by their own artisans, as well as diamonds, expensive watches of their own make, made and cobranded by others; and other fine and decorative arts pieces.

I collect Tiffany catalogs, and have over 130 of them spanning almost 120 years. Some of my most prized possessions are genuine catalogs from 1904, 1905 and 1909 (pictured here, the famous Blue Book that Tiffany printed from 1845 onward), which detail prices paid for items at the time. We use these for ongoing research as well as for authentication.

We are acknowledged experts on Tiffany and hardly a week goes by without a fellow jeweler or historian calling us to verify a Tiffany piece. It’s not always easy, since the fakers are very good and since for a few years around 1980, Tiffany was (astonishingly) owned by Avon (of Avon cosmetics fame) and imported some less-than-stellar items.

Now Tiffany has been purchased by LVMH — makers of fine luggage, good alcohol and Tag Heuer watches. We have great hopes that this French company will embrace the American history of our national treasure.

Please note that we buy anything Tiffany — bronze, glass, art, watches, or whatever bears this illustrious name. And price is not an object.

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