Sell Your Gold, Silver and Diamonds

Gold Buying St Pete Tampa

Sell to the Experts. As the biggest gold buyer in Tampa Bay, we offer the best prices in the area.

We pay the best prices in Tampa Bay for your gold, gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold and more. Don't sell to anyone else until you hear our offer!

With gold prices at an all-time high, lots of businesses are advertising that they "expert gold buyers" but don't be fooled! How long have they been in business? We've been in the gold buying business for over 30 years! Our on-site experts have highly specialized training. As you sit in our dedicated buying area you will see dozens of educational certificates on the wall facing you. We value education.

You want someone with the expertise to properly evaluate your vintage and antique gold jewelry. Since we are both buyers and sellers of gold merchandise, we can offer you the best price. We stay on top of the latest trends.

What gold items do you buy?

Gold jewelry, coins, watches, scrap gold and more. Is it gold? We buy it!

How much is my item worth?

This depends on many factors. Rare and collectible items, particularly vintage and antique items, are often worth more than their weight in gold! Bring your items to one of our two locations and we'll give you the highest price.

Expert tip: To get the best price for your gold jewelry, bring in the original packaging and paperwork. Everyone loves to get jewelry in the original box!

Can I email you a picture of my item?

Can I send you a picture via Facebook or Twitter?

GIA, Gemological Institute of America Inc IWJG, International Watch and Jewelry Guild NAWCC, National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Inc DDC, Diamond Dealers Club New York ISG Global Network