What’s It Worth? Large Pin

What’s It Worth? Large Pin

Jade valuation is determined by many factors — some technical, some aesthetic, some scientific and some historical. Jade has been used for millennia as adornment as well as for utilitarian purposes, such as cups, saucers and buckles. Many ancient pieces of jade were repurposed in the 1880s and 1890s as jewelry. It comes in many forms, including jadeite — the finest form — and nephrite.

What’s It Worth? Large Akoya Pearls

What’s It Worth? Large Akoya Pearls

Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones known to man and were highly praised in ancient cultures. The value of pearls is complicated. There are simulated, cultured and natural pearls and valuation is affected by size, nacre and luster as well as color variation. While most common

What’s It Worth? Fancy Color Diamonds

What’s It Worth? Fancy Color Diamonds

Colored diamonds, especially pink and blue, as well as yellow (sometimes called canary), are some of the most sought-after diamonds. Natural color diamonds are often quite rare — a very small percent of all diamonds mined are natural, fancy color diamonds. We recently purchased from a St. Pete retiree a tiny ⅓-carat blue diamond for $8,000  and a fancy brownish pink diamond for $10,000  which only weighed 1.25 carats.

What’s It Worth? 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling

What’s It Worth? 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling

The 1652 Massachusetts Pine Tree Shilling is one of the earliest known American coins – a colonial coin, technically. Likely to have been minted around 1670, the 1652 date may signify the founding of the Massachusetts mint. Some believe it to be a reflection of larger political events – a symbol of rebellion against English rule. A local jeweler suggested to our client that the coin was fake. We thought it was genuine, so our client entrusted us to send it to an important coin lab where it was verified.

Omega is here!

Spring is in full effect, and with it comes many reasons to celebrate. Mother's Day, Father's Day and Graduations are just a few of the reasons we look forward to this time of year. Here at Old Northeast Jewelers we are proud to announce our new partnership with Omega timepieces. Omega has a long and rich history as one of America's favorite timepieces. From the first timepiece worn on the moon, the Speedmaster, to James Bond's most precise tool, the Seamaster, Omega has provided incredibly reliable timepieces to some of our favorite heroes.

Since 1913 Seiko is manufacturing wristwatches. Let me show you the Seiko Ananta ‘100th Anniversary’ Chronograph

Seiko was founded in 1881. In 1895 Seiko started to produce pocket-watches, in 1899 the production of alarm clocks started and finally in 1913 the production of wristwatches.

To celebrate the first centenary of Seiko´s wristwatches Seiko presented the Ananta ‘100th Anniversary’ Chronograph

How Jewelers Can Escape the Gilded Cage

model wearing jewelry

By Jennifer Heebner, Senior Editor
This story appears in the December 2012 issue of JCK magazine

As the price per ounce approaches $2,000 , what type of gold jewelry should retailers invest in? JCK asks those who’ve weathered past sales seasons for tips on breaking free from the constraints of cost.

Old Northeast Jewelers - Diamond Grading


A diamond's cost is based on the characteristics known as the "4 C's". Clarity, Colour and Cut (proportion) are the quality elements which together with the Carat Weight determine the value of a stone. The closer a diamond grades to the left of one or all of these scales the rarer and the more costly it will be. While clarity is frequently assumed to be the most important factor of all the "C's", in fact, colour and cut (especially cut) have a more profound affect on the visual appearance of a diamond.

History, Art, and Timepieces. Jeff Hess distributes, sells and writes about fine watches from his Florida stores.

Mr. Jeffrey P. Hess, owner of Old Northeast Jewelers

What started as a love of vintage watches and the history that propels them turned into a mission of sorts for Jeffrey Hess, North American distributor of Ball Watches and Mühle-Glashütte, CEO of Hess Fine Art and Old Northeast Jewelers, and avid collector.