The history of Seiko begins in 1881 when at the age of 22 a young man named Kintaro Hattori opened a small shop in central Tokyo. This shop, K. Hattori & Co., specialized in the sales and repair of watches and clocks. 11 years later the shop moved to a new location and evolved into the Seikosha Factory for developing clocks and pocket watches. Mr. Hattori could not fathom the journey that his company would embark on in the years to come. In his light, Seiko is still striving to achieve his main goal; the perfection of the world’s finest timepiece. Old Northeast Jewelers is an Authorized Dealer of Seiko.


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Founded in 1881 in Tokyo, Seiko is a world leader in the watch industry dedicated to perfection.
Old Northeast is an Authorized Dealer of Seiko watches.
Spring Drive

Seiko Spring Drive Watches.

Seiko watchmakers have always been on the forefront of manufacturing high quality, precision watches. And, they are constantly looking for ways to improve the accuracy of their timepieces.

With this in mind, it is known that the weakest part in any traditional watch mechanism is the escapement. An “escapement” is the mechanism that releases the watch’s gears and pushes the balance wheel to keep it moving. It is designed to advance the balance wheel a certain amount with each “tick.” In 1977, to overcome this problem, Seiko engineer Yoshikazu Akahane, came up with the idea of the “everlasting watch.” But it took another 28 years and many prototypes before Seiko finally achieved their goal with the international launch of the automatic Spring Drive line in September of 2005. In simple terms, they deliver unbeatable accuracy, that has the smoothest movement and an extra day of power compared to most. The Spring Drive has effectively three whole days of power reserve, and advertises to be accurate within one second per day (but is achieving accuracy equivalent within 2-3 seconds a month!). This is an accuracy achieved by no other luxury watches.

Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph watches also boast a two-step system for precise time measurement, and with a solid ‘click’ that captures the precise moment of starting or stopping of the timepiece - not just the nearest 1/10th of a second that many of its rivals offer.

However, it is the regulation system that sets the Seiko Spring Drive apart from other timepieces, the balance/escapement mechanism being replaced by Seiko’s unique Tri-synchro Regulator which regulates the unwinding power of the mainspring and converts a small part of the energy into electricity to power the quartz crystal. The third element, that gives its “tri” name, is the generation of a magnetic force which regulates the speed of the glide wheel.

The Tri-synchro Regulator is not the only new technology employed in these magnificent timepieces. The mainspring itself is made from a new high-elasticity alloy called “Spron 510”, also developed by Seiko, and a new and more efficient version of Seiko’s Magic Lever winding system which allows for a shorter winding period and longer power reserve. The modern innovation and elegant glide motion of this timepiece are captured in the design of their case, with the circular motion of the movement beautifully expressed in the circular motifs of the collection. The Seiko Spring Drive collection consists of four limited edition pieces - 2 Chronographs and 2 Moon Phases, with three regular models - the GMT, Center Second Hand and Small Second Hand, each with at least 3 face and strap variations - all with elements of the traditional, the modern and the elegant.

Ananta Kumadori Limited Edition
Model: SRQ015
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Stainless Steel, Solar Movement, Sapphire Crystal, Water-Resistant to 100M

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