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As a Grand Seiko Authorized Dealer, Old Northeast Jewelers has one the largest selection of Grand Seiko Watches in the country. When you purchase a Grand Seiko from an Authorized Dealer you not only receive a valid manufacturer warranty, but the best in customer service, not to mention the best price on a Grand Seiko watch.

The Grand Seiko is the pride and glory of Seiko's collection of elegant watches. It is the masterful style designed to bring forth the 'best basic' watch ever manufactured and produced. The design philosophy is basic and simple. Using clean, understated details these watches shine with perfection. The result is clear, unmistakable, and unique. The Grand Seiko is, in a word, perfection.

When you strap a Grand Seiko to your wrist you realize this is more than just a tool for telling time, it is a statement about yourself. Each piece represents the best quality and the most precise engineering. Each Grand Seiko has polished and finished edges, a gorgeous domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and sharp styling edges on the hands and markers.

All of the Grand Seiko watches have some unmistakably impressive characteristics, with over 100 meters of water resistance, daily wear and tear will not slow these down. Take them in the rain or even the sauna - the impressively manufactured engineering can stand up to even the harshest aspects of mother nature. The packaging is simple, light, economical, and inexpensive. Grand Seiko watches were not meant to be displayed in a box, but on your wrist. The weight of the Grand Seiko series stays in the near 100 grams, its unique wrist design is meant to fit tightly around your wrist and not slip making these watches feel light and maneuverable. The movement, a fantastic 9S55 finish, is hard to beat - the most accurate and continuous movements look so natural and move so elegantly in the mechanics. Because there are absolutely no luminous materials added, this watch will last an incredibly long time without bits of the luminous material falling out of their dedicated positions at the hour or minute indices. The highly reflective hands of the Grand Seiko make this watch easy to read any time and any place. The engineering and quality materials will keep this watch looking profound and working perfectly for even your grandchildren to admire.
And best of all, the Grand Seiko series was built to last forever. A cherished item like this will never depreciate and will maintain and high resale value for as long as it’s in your hands.

For over 50 years, Grand Seiko has been the story of a small team's unending dedication to perfecting a unique and deceptively simple-looking timepiece that is simply perfection. Even though times change and SEIKO's watchmaking technology has and is ever-evolving, every day, the spirit, essence, and quality of Grand Seiko will always remain the same.

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