Seiko Ananta

In 2009 at Baselworld, Seiko announced the debut of their new elite collection named Seiko Ananta.

Ananta. The search for the Infinite...

Ananta is a Sanskrit word that means ‘the infinite’ and this is a collection that expresses SEIKO’s dedication to infinite perfection

This elite line, the Seiko Ananta, is a beautiful collection of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements, designed specifically for those who understand and appreciate the art of fine watchmaking. Seiko Ananta is a collection of watches designed to deliver a lifetime of satisfaction and pleasure. The Seiko Ananta is very comfortable to wear, a pleasure to use and the quality of engineering is unmatched. Seiko Ananta is truly a watch designed to be both a modern time piece to last a lifetime.

The artistry of Katana

The ancient Japanese art of sword-making, called Katana, was first developed over 800 years ago. The Katana sword is a curved, single sided blade designed to be drawn from its scabbard (sheath) and used in a single motion. It’s legendary for its sharpness. This comes from a unique kind of steel and forging process, developed over many centuries. This is a great combination of handcrafted skills along with the highest technology available. Today, Katana swords are still made and prized for their beauty and precision.

The Ananta collection features the themes of parabolic curves, precision, artistry, and sharpness all found in a Katana blade. The side of the watch case has the distinctive Katana curve and a three-stage “blade” polishing process which gives the case its remarkable mirror finish that is as smooth and flat as a Katana sword. The long, graceful curve of the case is made possible because the case back and lugs are crafted from a single piece of steel, which is a very unique construction process.

Mechanical watchmaking at its finest

Since the late 1960’s Seiko’s watch making skills have been recognized with the highest ever scores at the Geneva and Neuchatel Observatory competitions. Seiko has since refined its luxury watchmaking skills and has created a steady stream of more advanced and more perfect watch movements. This includes in 1998, the celebrated 9S caliber used in the Grand Seiko series. These movements were used, until today, in timepieces reserved exclusively for the Japanese market. With the new Ananta line, Seiko’s high-grade mechanical watch making finally arrives worldwide. This collection includes three mechanical calibers or movements, two of which are new and all of which deliver superlative levels of precision, long term reliability and power reserve.

Seiko’s approach to mechanical watch making is totally unique. Their movement designers sought to satisfy the customer who seeks a “watch for life.” Over-elaboration is pushed aside in favor of a high level of quality and engineering which increases the precision, longevity and performance of the watch. This also makes after-care easier and delivers functions that are easy to see and simple to use.

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