What's It Worth? The Magical Beauty Of The Best Jadeite Jade

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While we have covered the subject of jade before, we wanted to share this incredible find of a museum-worthy example that just blew us away.

A New Mexico jeweler called us and needed help. He had an opportunity to make a purchase from a bank estate that he thought might be very important. He was a bit short on cash as the estate was asking $50,000 for it. Having dealt with this jeweler for many years and knowing he was a graduate gemologist with a terrific eye, we immediately, on blind faith, wired him $25,000 to become his partner, and give him enough money to make the purchase.

When it arrived in our office, our collective jaws dropped at the amazing size, color and clarity of these untreated, natural jadeite jade beads strung together to form a stunning necklace.

Jade has been prized for many centuries for its almost magical properties, symbolizing life and springtime and coveted by Chinese royalty, as well as Central and South American cultures. Favored not only for its color but also for its durability, jadeite jade is one of our favorite gemstones.

Jade can be had in many forms for very little cash. But when large translucent beads like these manage to surface on the market, it is a rarity.

My colleague in New Mexico is letting me research how to market it. In this case, retail is not an option since we think it will go at auction for over $200,000. Of course the auctioneer will take a commission and insurance, and transport costs will be high — and it may take several months to get it done — but we are leaning toward a well-known auction house in Hong Kong for this piece (since the Chinese are strong buyers) and we think that ultimately it will be worth the wait.

Katrina Hess, our senior graduate gemologist, who usually looks at these things with a scientist’s curiosity and a critical eye, exhibited her “inner joy” on this piece, proudly wearing it for a few hours, before securing it in our bank’s vault until we make a decision on where to place it. If you want to see it, let us know; by appointment only on this one! — Reprint of an earlier article

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