What's It Worth? From ONJ To Devin White: You Earned This

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Ok, so yeah, Tom Brady has brought joy and happiness to Tampa Bay.
He is the GOAT. We watched him as he led the team with self-assurance, cockiness, quickness of mind and physical agility. He promised stuff. And he delivered. The GOAT!

But who was really the MVP of the big game?

There were a few others who kicked butt and took names. Our pick is Devin White. Also self-assured. Also cocky. Also quick and agile. And oh yeah, he delivered.

He took advantage of a weak offensive line on the opposing team. White sees all. He is like Argos the hundred-eyed giant — he has eyes everywhere. But his Hera was Bowles and his Echidna was Mahomes. And White was cool as a cucumber as he did his job.

That is why we at Old Northeast Jewelers are awarding him this uber- functional watch by Ulysse Nardin. A fitting reward since Nardin is a cool brand. And Nardin’s huge 46 mm Diver Deep Dive model is used — as their marketing says — for “prolonged periods of time under saturation.”

Perfect. The value of the Bucs to our community? Priceless!
Mr. White, we salute you. Your new watch awaits.

Proud Authorized Ulysse Nardin Dealer.
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