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Everyone loves a treasure hunt. Today, I thought I might write about secret deals, little treasures, lucky finds or metziahs. Often hiding in plain sight, these apparent “nothings” can make you some real money.

We love to buy currency collections, especially the old large-size bills; and if you have such a collection, bring it in. While there are many surprises lurking in currency collections, one normal small-size bill stands out. The 1933 $10 bill can be worth
$25,000 in crisp new condition, and even a circulated one can be worth $1,000. Do you have one?

Oddly shaped Hamilton watches. They are gold-filled, not gold. And they don’t work. But oddly shaped Hamilton's are usually worth $100 to $500, and some, like the gold-filled Altair watch, pictured, will bring $1,000 to $3,000. Bring in any Hamilton Electric you may have.

Mexican silver. We buy all Mexican silver and 85% of it is worth the silver value, but some pieces are worth thousands. Look for clunky, tarnished jewelry signed with an AP for Antonio Pineda, or WS for William Spratling. All are worth several times
their silver value, while the clunkier stone-set examples like the Spratling, above right, can bring $2,000 to $5,000.

The Seiko Tuna Can. We love to buy old Seikos. While most bring $25 to $100, one stands out: the Tuna Can. In the 1970s, Seiko developed it to withstand pressure, water and dust better than any other watch. It wasn’t meant to be pretty. But it did the job. HUGE and almost impervious to damage, collectors dubbed it the Tuna Can. Most variations are only worth $100 or so, but some bring $500 to even $5,000! Pictured is the Grandfather Tuna, worth $1,000-$3,000 (look for these exact numbers: 6159-7010).

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